Friday, July 21, 2006

First Jaywalker sock....7612th migraine

I'm very happy with the beginnings of my first Jaywalker Sock (thank you, Grumperina, for a wonderful pattern).

I surprised myself picking this yarn from my LYS, Monarch Knitting, it's not my usual colors, but it just spoke to me, and I really like it. I'm using Addi 1's, Cat Bordhi's two circular needle method, which I just love. I worked for awhile using 1 turbo and 1 natura, to examine the different qualities. I switched to two Turbos. At this small size, and this yarn, which has a tiny bit of grab, they are great. And there is not too much reflection from the needle. I can't take the larger Addi Turbos. The bright reflection really bothers my eyes and my brain, or what's left of it. Today is day 4 of a migraine syndrome. It started Tuesday first thing with aura. I've had several doses of Zomig, and 9 shots of Imitrex. Lots of ice, breathing, vitamins, feverfew, acupressure, everything I know of, short of trephination. That is starting to look like a possibility worth trying.

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Frank y Dea said...

Dear Claire,
What a beautiful blog site. I can't tell if one should eat the knitting or wear the potatoes! But they all look delicious!
Dea and Frank