Friday, July 14, 2006

My secret pal has done it again!

I have to remind people that this is my first knitting secret pal exchange. I was a little leary. I participated in a polymer clay swap years ago (and still have some of the elaborate cane I spent hours constructing) and was bitterly disappointed in the outcome. However, my dear secret pal has totally blown me away. What a treasure trove of delights and sweet thoughtful goodies! Not to mention the awesome sock yarn...after all, this was just supposed to be an exchange of one skein of yarn a month. Wow! I came home from window cleaning to find a box on the porch, and made the day worthwhile, such goodies, such loot! Sock-shaped point protectors (I needed some!), a lovely tea candle and glass holder, a gorgeous little travel journal, perfect for our trips to tango festivals, a beautiful crocheted bookmark (I guess I can get rid of the wad of Brutus hair I've been using), another little journal, perfect size for my knitting bag or purse, and the coolest pad of fairy notepaper. I love it all...thanks Grandma, not even a broken big toe can keep you down! (put some traumeel on it, please and put your feet up)
Brigid was hoping there was some cat treats for her.

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