Saturday, September 23, 2006


We went to the Monterey Alpaca show today at the Fairgrounds. My only previous close experience with camelids was in 1954, in Ankara, Turkey, where I got to ride a camel at age 7. While camels have their charms, these guys are charming beyond belief. Big expressive eyes, long eyelashes, the soul-searching gaze, incredibly soft, dense fur, loads of personality, and...humming! As we approached the pens, we began to hear this sound, slightly different with each animal, very expressive, melodic, burbling, purring, sometimes plaintive, sometimes content.
Some of the males could tell there were grrrls nearby and were making a different noise. The lady owner described it as "oogling" and it definitely was humorous.

Sean made immediate friends with a
friendly redhead. If any of these
creatures could have ridden home
on my lap (and if they didn't cost
$40k), the cats would have had
something new to cuddle up to.

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