Wednesday, November 01, 2006

run, run, run; knit, knit, knit

Seems like a whirlwind, the last couple of weeks. Wonderful out-of-town houseguests, airport runs, Indian restaurants, drive down to Big Sur, the view from Nepenthe (where were the notorious french fry thieves, the blue jays?), glorious sunny days for dancing tango on the beach, cooking and enjoying good food with friends and family, music, Camp Stitches at Asilomar, knitting like the wind, trying to keep our heads above water and above the virus being passed around at tango class (why, oh, why do people come sick?), trying to catch up on window cleaning and all the 8,000 other things that need doing, I sometimes feel like Sisyphus.
We are harvesting pears, for the first time, from the pear tree my youngest son planted a few years ago. They are amazing, crisp, juicy, with a perfume and flavor unlike any pear I've ever eaten. Reminiscent of an Asian pear, perhaps, but without the sandy texture.

The conjoined twin jaywalkers have been separated. I had turned the heel on one, but then was somehow not in position to turn the second heel, and I couldn't find anyone to help hands-on, so just transferred it to a second set of needles. I'm now at the toe decreases, and excited to have a new pair of socks to wear. I'll keep trying, I can kind of see it in my head, what to try next time.

Camp Stitches was awesome, wonderful, great fun and good therapy, as well as learning some useful things, and meeting fascinating people from all over the place, all knitters, imagine that? If you have stash weighing on your conscience, I recommend highly taking a class with Christine Bylsma, it was excellent therapy, and she's a wonderful teacher, flexible, patient, talented, with a great sense of humor (and a fellow migraineur). She'll be at Stitches West in February 2007. This photo represents 100% stash use; incredibly liberating feeling, and way, way fun.
The vest is rocketing along, I've been distracted by finishing the Jaywalkers, but hope to finish the right front this weekend, then start working on edging; I'm thinking of attached I-Cord.
I'm hoping to do Camp Stitches again next year; Asilomar is an amazing site, and the horde of knitters seemed to all have as much fun as I did; it was very calming and inspiring and energizing. With a gorgeous moonrise....


NanaKnits said...

Hi Claire,

I finally got a chance to take a break and check out your site. My project has languished since leaving Asilomar, hopefully I can get a few rows in over the next couple of days. Good meeting you, I'll check later to see if the pix are posted!

- Denise Bein, Eagan, MN

mehitabel said...

Asilomar is one of my favorite places in the whole world. I didn't get to Camp Stitches this year, but I did sign up for an Empty Spools Seminar in Feb. and will spend a week quilting--my idea of nirvana!