Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not far

I haven't been far away, just busy (who isn't?) So here is a quick post with some cats, knitting, tango and chocolate though.
We had an unusual vista of Pt. Lobos peeking through the fog the other day at work, quite mysterious. Perhaps something similar is what inspired this.

I've been quite inspired with knitting as well, trying to finish some projects and not succumb to startitis. There are about 6 sock patterns begging to be cast on, Sean's vest is nagging at me, some warm scarves, as well as Cat Bordhi's new book that wants to be opened. I am almost done with a secret knitting project for someone else, and I did finally get up enough courage to cast on for this: (#13)

The usual antics with the fur herd keep us on our toes. Brigid has now learned how to cope with her CatBib, and catches birds almost as well as without it; Zoe has a tummy ache following her vet visit for booster shots and worming, and may require a follow-up visit tomorrow; Brutus remains our noble and not-to-bright king (he hogs the bed and he's afraid of socks on the floor), but with a face like this, we forgive him.

And finally, on the tango front, we are teaching at two different places in town, as well as DJing milongas, and working hard to develop some other venues for milongas. Here's a photo taken last night at the historic old adobe where regular tango parties happen:

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SheltonDHW said...

I had a question on your CPH. I saw your posting on the CPH KAL and was too embarrassed to post my question there, because it is propbably a stupid question.
When you knit this in one piece, are you still knitting it flat?