Friday, October 12, 2007

What is the deal with cats?

There must be some kind of cat ethernet, where cats log on and share ideas of crazy things to do to entertain themselves and baffle us. Here's Brigid, scorning all cozy felted cat beds with heated mats, to lay on the 2" wide bannister at the top of the stairs. Brigid is not now, nor probably has never been, 2" wide.

"What are you looking at?"

And speaking of cats' endearing ways, I was sent this video this morning. I have watched it at least 12 times, and laughed every time, it is SO perfect. I can't find the artist's name, if anyone can give credit, please let me know. His cat has definitely been talking to our cats over the ethernets.


Marg said...

Love the cartoon! My cat, Fred (age 18) does this to me (almost) every morning! LOL!

Found your blog through KnitNet.

Knit on!


Marg in Calgary

Marianne said...

I'm thinking Brigid is just trying to get her 'hanging out on a branch' needs met, eh?
That video is hilarious! Let's just all thank our lucky stars our moggies don't have opposing thumbs! (ouch, that bat)

nanaknits said...

Too, funny... we have 2 cats and I think they confer and then take turns being annoying. Nice work on the CPH, too!

Fotomeister said...

ROFL! Kitties do the craziest things.

ozlady said...

OMG this is hilarious!!!!

One of my cats does this every morning. I'm convinced they tag-team it!


deborah said...

Poor Bosco! Our big stupid kitty gets nailed everyday by our little one with the thumbs, Nala. Kind of like this