Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Drat! Sorry to be away so long. Now you are doomed to a long catch-up post.
There's been knitting. And cats. And walkies. And migraines. And work. And views. And cooking. And contrary to a recent comment from someone in real life, there has been tango, although I rarely post pictorial evidence. Next week should fill the void there, from the Ashland tangofest. Stay tuned.

I've continued cranking out small projects, including two baby hats last night. Almost ruined my right index finger, as it was horrid chenille, ugh, and I managed to separate the fingernail slightly from the nailbed. Me, obsessive? nah. Also finished one beret, and have another one almost done, as well as two pair of Noro Kureyon fingerless mitts.

I gifted a friend with a Knecklace made with gorgeous Artfibers' Ming in a kind of rainbow obsidian color.

I've turned the heel on both of the Austermann Step Gentleman's socks. (picture later)

I finished two more projects from the LYS Shop Hop, the cotton bunny,

and a Kochoran bag (again, picture later). All these smaller projects have been good to fulfill the massive cast-on-itis I've had recently, after finishing the CPH. I'm itching to get done with all these things and make some more socks, I promised my oldest son socks this summer. He has huge feet. I see more socks in MY future.

There was an inspired dinner of spicy marinated tilapia, grilled in the oven, with the wonderful cabbage rice dish I learned from Sangita. She is still in India. I miss her and her classes!

This brassy seagull entertained us during our lunch break at Point Joe in Pebble Beach. It was a chilly overcast day, so the windows were rolled up and we were eating in the car, as we often do. He flew in and sat on the hood, pecking and drooling on the windshield. Nice!

We are used to seeing Spanish moss in the trees all over the Peninsula, but this tree at a house in Carmel was really loaded with it, and quite striking:

The colors this time of year are wonderful, especially on foggy days, when we've been lucky with a little rain.

And finally, I know you've been waiting for it, your moment of cat:
Rainy cold weather motivates them to share the bed, sort of. Notice please, how carefully they have arranged themselves to maintain the illusion of not having to share. "As long as I can't see you, you don't exist." Cats.


Marianne said...

That's a great cat moment, how funny.
I love that beret! did you just wing it on the pattern?
The Knecklace is gorgeous, lucky friend!
The Noro mitts are Lovely.

catmum said...

yes, the usual crown down hat...cast on 8, alternate k rows with increase rows that go from M1 every stitch to k1, m1, then k2, m1, k3, m1, etc. must be a math-y way to put it. Knit until it's bigger than your head diameter, then knit straight for 6-8 rows, then do some decreases for a few rows until it fits your head snugly. Then either do ribbing, or straight knit.

Rachel said...

You have been busy...and ooh what a gorgeous necklace! And look at those cat babies with their backs all strategically placed to eachother. Too funny!

Marianne said...

Got it, thank you very much... there probably is a 'math-y' way to put that but I understand your way just fine. :^)

nanaknits said...

The noro mitss are great! Love the cats. Mine are the exact same way.

Diane said...

I love both pair of your Noro mitts.

Cats .... interesting creatures indeed.

crafty wee midden said...

many thanks for the much appreciated moment of cat :)

SteamyKitchen said...

you are inspiring me to pick up my needles again! haven't touched them in 3 weeks.

love the knecklace!!

maplesyrup said...

I am so glad to see the bunny finished from the shop hop! Love his ears! Yours is the first I have seen completed....Have a wonderful day!
~Amber at Luminous Threads