Thursday, November 29, 2007

tango, knitting and cats

We had all three, and more in Ashland. The tango festival there is definitely unique; I like these small ones much better than the massive mob scene varieties, such as Portland a couple years ago: 600+ people is just too many.
The last milonga here in Ashland was at the Black Sheep Pub. Very colorful and casual, with a nice size dance floor. A cozy fire, a little Guiness, a few dozen tango dancers, a DJ playing classic tango, AND one of the women was knitting socks between dance sets!
The drive home was overcast, with atmospheric views of Mt. Shasta.

When we arrived home, the cats all pretended not to know who we were, the usual treatment by cats who imagine they have been abandoned (even though they had an excellent catsitter who spoiled them rotten). However, within the hour they were begging for dinner and a warm lap, so I guess we are forgiven.
I did get some travel knitting done: finally finished the Gentleman's Socks in Austermann Step yarn for Sean.

They turned out pretty nicely: very stretchy fit, the yarn was nice to knit with and feels good on the foot. Now I need to make the same pair for my #1 son. Lots of other small gifty projects to finish, and need to cast on for Sean's Petrol Vest.
I'm also almost done with some other small gifty projects, but have more queued.

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Marianne said...

Sounds wonderful.
Ha, those crazy little moggies, having to act miffed, and no, it doesn't seem to last long.
The Step sock yarn also conditions bamboo dpns quite nicely.. polishes them up and you really get to zipping along but still not as slick as metal...
Looking forward to seeing your small projects... when you can post photos.