Sunday, January 13, 2008

What a difference...

a week makes. We're back to bright sunshine, clear skies and cleaning the storm-filthed windows of the Peninsula, one by one. I think that everyone has their power back at least, but the roofers and tree crews are going to be busy for a long time. At Carmel Point yesterday a few brave surfers were out. (Most surfers were up at Mavericks for the competition). If you look closely, there is a small smudge on the waves that is a human.

The sets were running about 18-20' foot waves. I really love the colors in the water this time of year after storms. There is a moment before the wave tips, where the water thins out and has the look and colors of beach glass. The offshore winds were blowing the tops of the waves back like wild manes of hair.

There were barricades still up along the road by the beach; even so there is water, kelp and stones in people's yards and driveways. It must have been incredible during the storm. As we wash windows you can feel and hear the salt crunching on the glass.

I finished the Koolhaas hat. Very addictive and interesting pattern; I definitely want to make another one soon. I used Berroco Merino, it shows the stitch definition beautifully, but a little tricky to use with all the loose plies. I am thrilled with the Knitpicks Harmony needles, they make all the difference in keeping control of yarn like this, and makes cabling without a cable needle sweet.
Meanwhile I'm still trudging along on the Petrol vest, I have about 11" done, need another four before I divide for the armholes. I love the Malabrigo, a real delight to knit with.

On the cat front, Brigid immediately got another ding on the top of her head, she is back on antibiotics and daily soakings with peroxide, but makes absolutely no connection between her pissy behavior and getting owies. Cat-brain the size of a peanut, which is mostly filled with strategies for bird-hunting and annoying humans.

All the rain we received, combined with a couple days of sunshine have brought our traditional January wealth of mushrooms. We spotted these on our way home from work:

I used to do a bit of mushrooming, and knew a few reliable species safe to eat, but now I mostly just enjoy looking at them. I found a nice trove of Shaggy Manes a couple years ago, but it's been so dry the last couple years we haven't really seen as many shrooms.

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Marianne said...

Those are some beautiful photos and I love your description of the colours seen, and the winds blowing the wave tops.
Your Koolhaas hat is a beauty! Jared comes up with some really nice designs and his knitting... well, let's just say someday... just maybe I'll be able to knit as well as he does :^)
Ahh, Brigid, sweetie... unfortunately pissiness can lead to getting the noggin nailed...

Nice schrooms, I have always found them fascinating from their tiniest of beginnings to their full blown and beyond... the ever changing fungi...