Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Knock your eyes out

Persian Carpet blooming

Flowers everywhere, just going nuts. And some demonstrating a floral sense of humor.
California Poppies

blooming cactus

Persian Carpet blooming

California Poppies

Maker Faire

(pictures here)
was fabulous, but so overwhelming. Like some bizarre museum, it is stimulating and fatiguing at the same time.
The place was packed, there was a traffic jam all the way out to the freeway. The Faire was bigger and better than ever this year. Having the Yarn Harlot there was the icing on the cake, and we held each other's socks-in-progress: Yarn Harlot and Catmum; swapped socks
She made us laugh, and her book, "Things I Learned from Knitting" gives me hope that I may yet learn something. I'm dubious at the moment, having again tackled a project I suspect I am genetically unable to do: lace. I got talked into a VLT knitalong, and have cast on and knit the same 3 starting rows about fifty-eleven times in two days. I am pretty sure putting in a lifeline on row 1 shouldn't be necessary. I did finish a pair of socks for a friend's boy baby, who just turned 6 months old, in leftover merino/cashmere yarn.Socks for Bryce
Maybe I am meant to churn out only socks. Heaven knows I have enough sock yarn to keep me busy for a few months. (Define few?)

One nagging question has remained with me since the Faire. Where did I go wrong: none of my children got tattoos and joined the circus. I have hope; they are still young.
One woman band at the Mouse Trap


Marianne said...

ACK!!! what happened to my eyes? groping around... there they are. jeeze, those photos, the flowers are gorgeous!

What pattern of lace are you knitting? Every single time I cast on for Swallowtail... it takes me at least 7 times to get that first fiddly bit 'ok'... I'm not saying it's 'right', just 'ok'... I'm also finding that unless I'm home alone with no distractions I cannot focus on lace, what happened there?

Daughter has a few tattoos, her whole back is covered with preying mantis.. quite striking.. both legs from ankle to knee... a couple of smaller ones on her arms but I'm pretty sure it's going to be Gracie joining the circus, she's already practicing. :^)

Amy said...

I just love the socks, and I don't know where you're getting your weather, lady, but it sure doesn't look like that in my part of town!!

I especially love the red flower--looks like an adornment to a proper lady's hat. :)

Bobbisox said...

Amazing colors indeed. I think I still have some of that bright succulent plant left. That is a beautiful spot you took a picture of, where it that? And did you just take the pictures and is that the way the weather looks??

Shameka said...

Hey, the socks for the baby boy look great. Have you heard of the summer of socks 2008? I joined it, as a way to motivate me to use up my stash sock yarn that goes on forever. I just wanted to mention it to you in case you may have been interested. They have a ravelry group, and here is the blog address...

If you are interested, you still have a little time to register. The deadline is May 15th.

Also, the flowers look amazing. I haven't seen much here in New York yet. Hmmm.. maybe I am too busy smelling the yarn fumes instead of the roses. hehe!!

smariek said...

Beautiful photos. We're gonna go to Monterey soon, but probably won't see your fantastic view of the area.

I had never heard of Maker Faire before. It sounds like fun.