Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Poha, Breakfast of Champions (and sock-knitters)

When we went to India Cash & Carry on the field trip with Sangita and Arijit, I made sure to pick up some poha. I've been wanting to try some recipes with it, I love upma so much, but it is made with semolina (wheat) and my body is happier with more rice. Poha is parched and flattened rice, and even comes in a whole-grain variety, so it is super quick cooking. This recipe went from inspiration to inhalation in 15 minutes. Sean walked up the stairs and said "that smells good," and we were eating. As usual, I culled several on-line recipes, such as this, and fiddled with my own twists, such as using some mustard oil and adding fresh spinach.

Good food seems to inspire and fuel the knitting lately, though I am beginning to worry that sockknitting is taking over my life, kind of like The Red Shoes
Even while knitting away on a pair, I'm dreaming about casting on for another pair, or eyeing the containers of sockyarn lurking in the corner.
Sock yarns waiting in the wings

I finished the Vampire Nanner socks, and immediately cast on for giant man-socks for #2 son. He picked the yarn himself during his visit, feet were measured, and I have turned the heels on both socks.
Man socks for Toby
Am I faithful? nope. I have been wanting to try sock yarn with some bamboo content, and found Sheepaints on the Loopy Ewe site. This is a blend of merino, bamboo and silk, and I've cast on another pair of Nanners for Sean. More Nanner socks
It's interesting, even with only 20% bamboo, I can really feel the cellulosy-ness of it. The yarn is nice, and if it proves to be tough and cushiony and comfortable, it will be worth it, but it just reminds me how much I love the feel of mostly wool blends.
And, I'm straying in my mind to this seductive stuff:
Amethyst jewel sock yarn
Destined to be for my daughter, who loves all things purple AND sparkly, Amethyst jewel with tiny strands of real silver throughout, and just as soft and yummy as can be, from Crash Into Ewe
Not to mention the other non-sock projects I have on the needles or queued currently. Sweaters, toys, dog coats, felted bags, lace shawls, hats, scarves, mittens.
I wish I were an octopus. Think of non only all the knitting I could accomplish, but all the socks I would need!

And last, the cats are being so entertaining lately, here's Brigid, playing with one of the felted catnip mice I made:
Brigid loves her catnip mousies
Contrast this with the King of all Gopher-land that she brought to us for breakfast a few days ago:
Breakfast from Brigid cat
Anyone know any good gopher recipes?


Marianne said...

Your breakfast.. my kind of breakfast, and what pretty cherries.
I know practically nothing about Indian food, having only eaten it maybe 5 times but I did enjoy it. Like you, my body is happier with rice. I found some brown basmati the other day.. has my head really been stuck in the sand? best of both worlds there.
Why wouldn't you be obsessed with knitting socks... look at that sock yarn stash! It's a Beauty.

That's one hellofa gopher!


Paula said...

Oh my, I am always thinking of the next sock. Nice yarn
Your breakfast does look good.

crafty wee midden said...

beautiful, beautiful Brigid....there's a tummy that's asking to be rubbed......

never seen a gopher in my life and that one looks like Gopherzilla......eeeeeeeek........

monica said...

The breakfast looks yummy. My knowledge of Indian food is limited to curry, but that looks quite tasty.

I think I may have shorted my keyboard out drooling over you wollmeise stash

Daniele said...

Lovely sock-in-progress and sock stash pictures. I would have a hard time not staring at the stash all day! I was admiring the cute little catnip mouse when I was interrupted by that gopher thing! UGH! I live in Ohio. I don't think we have those things here? O'possum and raccoons, yes - Gophers - hopefully no!

Daniele aka mscreate.typepad.com
aka plurkey friend.

tata said...

All that yarn makes me drool... love that purple!