Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Vampire 'Nanners

Vampire 'Nanners socks
We have no bananas, but we have finished socks!
Wendy of WendyKnits shared this original sock pattern to all her fellow Plurkers, inspired by all the dancing bananas in Plurkland. I dug around through my yarn stash and found a beautiful skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts lightweight, from the Socks that Rock club last year, in an exclusive colorway from the Raven series, called Lenore. The yarn told me it wanted to become....Vampire Nanners. So here they are all done; toe up, gusset heel, a lovely, easy-to-remember 12-row repeat, very stretchy, and a perfect fit. Wendy is so generous and a sock genius; it's been great fun having her be the first person on Plurk to achieve Nirvana!


Paula said...


Tan said...

love your vampire nanners!

Marianne said...

I've been reading about the Nanners, and yours are Gorgeous! Lovely of Wendy to share... I had been hearing about this plurking business, took a quick peek, and yes, saw your page, I hope you're feeling a bit better, I've been worrying about you out there with the smoke.
Please, take great care.

Knitman said...

wow! love the colours and the pattern.

hnick said...

Gorgeous! Love the curves.