Saturday, September 27, 2008

Old brainz, new tools

After a lot of research, trial and error, and foot-dragging, we finally realized we had to make a change in the tools we use for scheduling and communication. We went from using Treos and a wonderful Palm OS program called Datebook 6, to IPhones, which means using ICal. They are completely different. I am like a cat, I hate change. I actually love tools and gadgets and learning how to use all the features, but I also hate change. ICal could not be more different, and as many users have commented, it seems "unfinished."

We are able to sync with the cloud and keep calendars and contact lists and Emails coordinated and updated, which is nice, but the view of the Calendar, with various jobs and tasks and floating events is just so inelegant, both on the Mac and on the IPhone. We did find a nice little application, called Today 1.1, from a company called Second Gear, that does the job on the Mac. As one review said: "Today lets you view, in a compact window, all of the chosen date's calendar events, as well as all to-do items due that day." One glance tell's me exactly what is on my schedule for the day. I'm not going to miss something that is hidden above, below or behind what is currently visible on-screen.

I'm fussy about additional apps, they have to work well, seamlessly and be stable. Today 1.1 has already made this transition easier for me. Now please make it for the IPhone!

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Marianne said...

'Today' seems to fit the bill on what you need, glad you found it!