Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Whole lotta knitting going on

Finished Shetland Triangle shawl! This was a fast knit, relatively speaking. Two weeks from casting on to cast off. It would have been way faster if I hadn't had to rip back seventy-eleven times. Why is it that you make the mistake on the very row where you are putting in the lifeline? There were other goofball problems we won't mention here. The other boost to speed is that this is gorgeously thick yarn, Blue Moon Fiber Arts' Peru, which is a blend of merino, alpaca and silk, in one of the Raven series colorways, Thraven. Positively edible to knit with, look at and wear.
Finished Shetland Triangle Shawl
The look of unblocked lace, as we all know, is totally unappetizing:
Shetland Triangle, unblocked

I guess it is possible I am not congenitally incapable of knitting lace, after all.
I'm now battling a serious case of castonitis, with about 15 projects battling for top billing for next to be on the needles. Not to mention I already have two pairs of socks, a hat and another shawl in actual laceweight yarn sulking in the corner. And you know, cleaning for imminent houseguests (hooray!), a bountiful harvest of pears from our tree to pick and process, and cats to wax.

This video gives a good clue as to the special joys of sleeping with cats (actually, they allow us to sleep with them, but that's a whole 'nother issue). Multiply this by three and you have the idea:

And just because I love you, here's the view today:


Marianne said...

Your Shetland shawl is GORgeous!!! I can only just imagine how wonderfully soft and silky it has to be. I knew you had it in you :^)
Mmmm, pears.
Love the video, snorted throughout, so, how's about a video of waxing the cats ;^)
Thank you so much for that view,(I SO needed that) I love you too.
Make good time with your time and houseguests! :^D

Opal said...

that is a fabulous shawl and a gorgeous view!!

Sande Francis said...

OMG - I laughed out loud!! I've not slept with cats in quite a while, I'm happy to say that my dogs are not as active as that one ol' cat. Hilarious!!

Daniele said...

Thank goodness I only have one cat in the bed!!!

The shawl came out great. Gorgeous lace! :)

crafty wee midden said...

beautiful shawl, gorgeous daffy cat......thanks so much for the laugh, much needed. Played it four times already :)

Fotomeister said...

ROFL! That cat video is great! I know my cat must be doing the same thing in my bed when I sleep.

Nice view.