Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Happy Birthday, Grammy

My dear Grammy Piper, so special to me, though I didn't get enough time with you. A wonderful seamstress, craftswoman, gardener and cook. If I had a genie to grant me some wishes, I would ask to spend time now with both of my grandmothers in their prime. Tell me your stories, teach me some of your skills and arts.

The note on the back of this photograph says "Age 16, graduation from School, 1907, Visalia, California. The dress was handmade by my oldest sister."

Evia Shaffer's genealogy

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Marianne said...

I SO get that wish of yours!
Hey, yet another 'Grace'. :^) She's such a lovely young woman and that dress! wow. WOW. Just knocks my socks off when I see dresses like that and know they're handmade. What an accomplishment and yet that's what they did. Amazing.
Happy Birthday, Grammy!