Tuesday, December 16, 2008


We have had intermittent heavy rain showers, hail, lightning, thunder, wonderful storm clouds and big high tides. (I saw on the NOAA website they are predicting waterspouts out in the bay today, so all you sea-sick sailors, watch out!) When the furry alarm clocks got me up this morning, I was greeted by a really cold house and this view off the back deck:
Snow!  December 16, 2008
We immediately flung on all the clothes we own and grabbed some pictures in the neighborhood.
Snow!  December 16, 2008 Snow!  December 16, 2008
Snow!  December 16, 2008
Actually we first fed the cats, and turned on the furnace for the first time in two years, since the thermometer in the house read 40-something. It was 37 outside. We drove around a bit, and had it confirmed that weather out of the ordinary for any locale makes people drive even more silly than usual:
Snow!  December 16, 2008
Brutus is the only cat to venture outside very briefly; he is not amused and has taken to his bed. The girls ate breakfast and went immediately back to bed.
Since Sean was not interested in my offer to make snowballs with maple syrup, I made this and steaming hot mocha with Acme Roasting's fabulous coffee, this divine cocoa and Trader Joe's marshmallows

There's a bit of sun peeking out now, but more weather is heading our way, so we truly do have a snow-day-off. I'm close to finishing a pair of socks, and need to work on mittens. And hang out with cats.
Brigid the harbor seal soaking up heat

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Marianne said...

The view you have from your deck is sweeeeet! and I'm more than a bit envious of your snow, we received pouring ice the other night, meh.

The toast and egg thing... we would lightly toast the bread, cut a hole, put an egg in the hole and put it in the oven... 'volcano', hee.

One of my dark secrets... I can be a fool for a good marshmallow.
Sounds like a great snow day to me.

ps I have and am terribly busy but as soon as these holidays are behind me you'll hear from me proper.