Saturday, January 24, 2009

Stormy skies over Monterey

I love this weather. I cannot get enough of it. Even the birds are singing, they are so relieved to get a little rain.

Stormy weather also means I usually get more time for knitting. I'm almost done on these gift socks:
nanner socks, Casbah yarn
WendyKnits Nanner pattern in Handmaiden Casbah yarn, colorway Amber.
And these:
Lacunae Socks
Knitspot Lacunae pattern, in The Sanguine Gryphon's fabulous Bugga! yarn, Orchard Spider colorway. The cashmere content of this yarn, and the firm twist, combined with this pattern...I was actually sad to finish knitting these.
I also finished a sweater for one of my grand-dogs, Lil Dude, in leftover PolarKnit:
"I hate having to model dog sweaters!"
Poor Brutus-cat. He has given up protesting very hard about having to model dog sweaters! I'm seriously considering knitting him a sweater of some kind, he's getting old and is cold all the time. I'm thinking fuzzy black and yellow wide stripes. Stay tuned.
And an assortment of cat toyz, these are crocheted actually, Squigglies, stuffed with catnip. Who loves her grandcats?
Squiggly catnip cat toyz

And finally, the soft light really enhances how everything looks.
Carmel gate


smariek said...

Beautiful socks! I'm finally learning how to knit socks and can see how they are addictive.

Marianne said...

Oh, Petals, LOVE those Nanners! (I did happen to catch the comment you left at Stephanie's... when? two weeks ago? your favourite sock pattern ;^)
and of course, I love those stormy skies, anytime, anywhere. Wonder why that photo feels so comforting to me, but it does. I'm glad you got some rain. love the photo of the gate and ivy. naturally.
Maybe Brutus doesn't mind the wee sweaters now? He'll look like a bumblebee :^)
Sorry I've not written, the trip was fabulous but I brought home some sinus mess and still barely able to hold my head up, plus having Gracie all week, she has it also. meh and bah!