Monday, March 02, 2009

Finished object

Originally uploaded by tangocatmum
Chloe (now 41" tall) has outgrown her original poncho, which I guess she wore a lot. I had a request to make a replacement, so here it is. It's a little more vibrant in color than the photo, the skies are very grey and it's raining off and on quite a bit (hooray!) Hopefully this will be enjoyed and be Chloe's new magic hooded poncho, fit for a princess.



Marianne said...

Sweeet! Love the colours and the little bit of lace edging! It's quite evident that Chloe is very much loved.
Glad you're getting the rain, we need some here now. I'd personally take some snow, that weather stayed north of us, wah :^)

kandy65 said...

Claire I love the poncho. Do you make and sell them? I would love one. You are very talented. I have just learned to knit but can't really make anything as I have two left hands. It is beautiful.

Dawn said...

it is beautiful!!