Friday, March 20, 2009


I'm nearing the bottom of the Wisteria sweater (pattern by Kate Gilbert...I can't say enough good things about how beautifully designed and written this pattern is). 20 more rows before casting off, though at this point I have almost 300 stitches for each row, with cable crossings (yay for cable needle freedom!) and chart pattern changes on each row as well. No napping! Then come the sleeves. I am loving the yarn, Dream in Color Classy, Dusky Aurora colorway. It's more bluey- purpley-mysterious than this photo.
It's exciting to see that Kate has revised and re-released another pattern of hers that has long been I'm my queue: Sunrise Circle Jacket

Posted by ShoZu


Marianne said...

Mine is soaking in a bath... :^)
You already know how much I love yours. Gorgeous colours!
Revised and re-released SCJ? You are so hip and aware... the info you find.

Eryka Jackson said...

How beautiful! I have to cast that one on after I finish the two I am working on now.