Wednesday, April 15, 2009


First Baby Surprise Jacket. I guess every knitter has made one, I'm late to the party. It really is a delightful mystery how the strange, wavy shapeless wad of knitting becomes an adorable little jacket through the tiniest bit of origami. 1 skein of Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks that Rock, in mediumweight, colorway Rocktober. A little bit of Mountain Colors Bearfoot for the I-Cord bind off trim. Definitely will want to make more of these, in all sizes.

Brutus narrowly escaped having to model it for photos. He kept climbing in my lap while I was trying to sew on buttons. I did put the buttonholes on both sides of the fronts as I was doing the I-cord bind off, which definitely made sewing on the buttons easier. Except for the cat supervision.


Another sweater completed:
A beer sweater, for my youngest son.

Also finished Sean's new vest. He has just about worn his first one, the Malabrigo Petrol vest, to death. This one is the Seamingly Simple Vest, done in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Twisted yarn, one of the Raven colorways. It took exactly 2 skeins. The original pattern is one size fits a few, and called for 1 skein, so there were lots of mods to upsize it, and he wanted it seamed in the front as well. The shawl collar makes it very cozy. The 8,312,476 miles of 2x2 ribbing cemented my switch to continental knitting, so it definitely served its purpose, and he has a warm garment to wear.

The West Coast has been having gale force winds the last few days, as well as stupendous pollen output from all the trees. Here's an acacia, for example:

No pollen that I know of, the wisteria everywhere is gorgeous this year:

These are from last week. No one is lounging around on the roofs today.


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Marianne said...

That is one of the prettiest BSJ I've seen yet! I'm very partial to the 'many colours'. When I finished my first BSJ I wanted one for myself but then I knit the Tomten, now that's the one for me :^)
Sean's new vest is gorgeous! and congrats on acquiring the continental knitting!
The photos are all beautiful, the wisteria has me near weeping, they're just coming out in our neck of the woods.