Sunday, May 31, 2009

What a guy

Remember how I said that on my planet the perfect boyfriends are born equipped with pockets? On this planet, mine knows how much I love this website. My subscription to the RSS feed guarantees me a good daily laugh.
He's been paying attention.
With my birthday coming he went on a secret mission to our favorite bakery where exquisite, delicious works of true art are the rule. He invested time and effort convincing them that a Cake Wreck for my birthday would be the best present ever. They were horrified and dubious. He pointed them to the Cake Wrecks website and made some suggestions. After several days of discussion, they reluctantly agreed.
The result is a masterpiece.

Tasteful and understated, but a wreck of art. They have perfectly distilled many critical elements of cake-wreckiness so dear to my heart: uneven and lopsided, with misspellings, random punctuation, literal instructions transmitted into the piped inscription, frosting that looks like the cats ran through it several times, artfully placed oozes of chocolate dribbled around the edges, deliriously unplanned spacing. I am so thrilled and delighted. And best of all, this cake is going to be divinely delicious.

1 comment:

Marianne said...

Hahahah! Laughing my silly old head off, how FUNNY! and I love it!
I'm sure they had a much harder time getting that cake to look like that, gee, all they had to do was give me a call :^)
My cakes are very tasty but pretty? nah, not so much at all.

Happy (belated) Birthday, Petals :^)

( it DOES look like the cats ran through it a few times, heh)