Friday, June 19, 2009


These old Carmel cottages are becoming more and more rare, as they are bought up, torn down and replaced with faux chateaux. This one has a hypnotic, desolate air about it, the roof overgrown with moss and lichens, the fence collapsing and meandering under the weight of ivy and other feral greenery.





Marianne said...

What do we have here? Is that moss growing on the roof in spots? What's the vine? questions questions questions... :^)

Marianne said...

Oh goodie, you've added more or did I just hit the blog too early... before you were finished with it..
Rather sad about those old cottages, it'd be nice if someone bought one and refurbished instead of tearing down and building bleh.

Jasmin said...

Wow, if I had the leisure of having my own little cottage to escape to, that's my dream one. Picture this:

Me, writing, spinning, knitting. Playing on the floor with the dogs.

Andrew, tinkering around with fix-its, outside.