Saturday, August 08, 2009

made my day!

A group of us got on the Max last evening to go to Powell's bookstore for a book talk by two authors with new knitting books. Also getting on was a mob of folks on their way to the Sock Summit sock hop, most of them dresses to the 9s. I was strap-hanging, and one of the most colorful riders noticed my Sock Summit-inspired bracelet, and was very complimentary; she loved it! Picture vivid magenta & indigo hair, matching clothes, carrying a large knit chicken bag. yup. Lucy Neatby! Then the person in front of me turned to examine it, and also exclaimed with delight & praise. Cat Bordhi! Wheeee!

Posted by ShoZu


Marianne said...

I'm in a delighted heap of crazy giggles here for you!!!

Tabby said...

That's so amazingly cool! And mind-boggling! The compliments were well-deserved, btw. :)

Joan and Chief said...

Lucy Neatby AND Cat Bordhi? I am so must have had a blast! The bracelet is darling, and I loved seeing the sock Summit through your eyes! I feel strangely bereft of socks as we don't tend to wear them in Mexico, but I still have the urge to knit them! Maybe I'll make some Los Lobe-hose for earrings. Hey that's a great idea....see ya later!Idea alert!!!!!