Friday, September 04, 2009

Having doubts

Is this little sniblet of yarn going to be sufficient enough to bind off? I don't want to have to tink back, especially since I didn't think to put in a lifeline on the last row. Do I risk the time & effort continuing the casting off?

More math. I measured off ¹yard of the working yarn ahead of my current stitch. I put in a stitch marker (since I know I cannot count!), and proceeded with casting off until I reached the ¹yard measure. I counted how many stitches remain to be cast off. Then I counted again, since I cannot be trusted. Then I measured how many yards of yarn I have left. 270 stitches left to cast off. 15 yards of yarn left. 30 stitches cast off take ¹yard. I just might make it. Unless I've counted wrong.

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Joan and Chief said...

So exactly how much yarn was left?
Were you having palpitations? Yikes.