Wednesday, September 02, 2009

migraine again

I'm never sure why I keep tackling lace projects, nor whether it's the lace that gives me migraines. Probably not, since I have had them since before I could talk, and I've only been knitting lace (or trying to) for three years. Still.

This is Ysolda's Ishbel, which everyone seems to be knitting. Here on my lap, in all it's glory, complete with lifelines, stitch markers, cat hair, illegible notes, math, and plenty of help from my Ravelry knit-siblings.

The yarn is a prize I won. And what a prize. Buffalo Gold's Luxe...buffalo, silk and cashmere. Don't forget the cat hair.

Posted by ShoZu


Rachel said...

Poor mum sorry about the head. My head hurts too. I think you're so smart & amazing, knitting lace, or even attempting to. I see all your math scribbles right there!
xoxoxo Rachel

Robin said...

Sorry about the migraine... hate to say this, but perhaps its the chocolate rather than the lace knitting???

I'm new to your blog.. found you because we share interests on our profile lists.

I've read back through your active posts and then checked all the AT posts. Love your motto, love tango, love cats, love YOUR knitting and have sometimes loved my knitting. Nice to meet you!

Robin said...

Oh, by the way, I forgot to mention that I live on the same island as Cat Bordhi (isn't she sort of a sock queen?)...