Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Take Your Daughter to Work DayLast week my daughter came to visit, and we put her to work one day on window-cleaning jobs!

Rachel and Claire on the job
We also spent several sessions knitting together. Rachel is just beginning her knitter's journey.
Rachel and I knitting together
We drove to our favorite beach view spots, watched otters, went for walks, cuddled kittehs (who were thrilled with one extra lap to fight over), savored everything at the Farmer's Market, whether it was edible or not, IMG_0680 IMG_0681
She was also pressed into duty modeling finished knitting objects:
Two Dragon Hats done in delicious String Theory Caper Sock yarn. This stuff is like liquid velvet, makes incredible socks and was perfect for these hats. I'm thinking there's a sweater's worth in my future. This was my first colorwork project; I did the green one on the right first and learned a lot about contrast and value... I consider it a "fail" since the dragons are practically invisible. The pattern is an easy fun knit, and the hats are really cozy warm, with the stranding essentially forming a second layer of fabric.
Her visit was an inspiration to start sorting through ten years' accumulation of stuff, as well as the distillation of 50 years of my parents' stuff that I kept when my mother died ten years ago. This includes 62 years of my father's unlabeled slides, from all over the world. Fascinating and baffling. I hope to have them whittled down (there are 1000s and 1000s!) soon, and will have them scanned and put onto DVDs.
It's a great feeling, but also dismaying, to reduce the mass and volume of possessions. Yarn doesn't count.

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Marianne said...

My oh my, she looks just like you :^)
and hey, she's smiling while she was working with you,eh?
Those are gorgeous hats.. you might could do a bit of outlining the dragons on the blue/green hat with a contrasting colour.
Ahhhh, a bit of mum and daughter knitting, that's really nice :^)