Saturday, February 06, 2010

Socks flying off the needles

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Gorgeous, well-written pattern, Chuncho, by Sue Grandfield. The yarn is Wolmeise twin, in Spice Market and Zarte Knospe. I can't decide if I want matchy-matchy socks, or whether to switch and use turquoise for the contrast color in the second socks. Once again, the siren song of socks has lured me away from other projects already on the needles. The Lightweight Pullover is a few increase repeats away from dividing for the sleeves. All those miles of dizzingly boring stockinette. Several lace thingies have been in hibernation, and occasionally I hear their voices accusingly from the basket where they snooze. I need to get started on a secret lace project...but...socks! socks! I love you, socks! Socks or death! no wait, that's cake or death:


Marianne said...

loves me some Eddie!
GORgeous sock! what fun!
yep. decisions. so many projects on needles.. and some that need to be.

kmkat said...

"...the siren song of socks..." Oh, how well I know that song...

Yay, Eddie I!