Monday, June 30, 2008

Tastes of India class, June 28th

The summer series has moved to a new location, it is definitely a more homey setting. We had three new students thanks to an article that appeared in a local newspaper about the classes. We also had two guests from out of town. As always the food and company were wonderful.

Arijit presenting information

Arijit and Sangita begin class
Here, Sangita is preparing chapati dough from scratch. It has to be kneaded until smooth and tender, formed into balls, and then left to rest prior to rolling out thinly. Then it is cooked in a dry, flat pan, and finally puffed up over the open gas flame. Delicious!
Sangita begins making the dough for the Chapatis


Marianne said...

Hah! That was SO cool to watch!

I've been horridly busy and meaning to catch a few minutes to write you, see how you're doing, there's way too many fires in your neck of the woods.
You doing alright? I hope so... at least you're posting :^)

smariek said...

I'm hungry now! lol