Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Boo, hisssss, Das Boots!

I'm really disappointed in the socks. Well, it was a good learning experience (I can actually make socks, I just can't wear these socks) They are huge, and saggy. Freaky Consort's comment "It's a boot" after the first one was done, should have been a clue. No ribbing except for 1/2" at the cuff should have been a clue. Not crazy about the color patterning should have been a clue. Oh well, I will keep them, and have every giant I meet try them on, kind of like Cinderella. And I will now be casting on from Cat Bordhi's book, Socks Soar some socks with ribbing all the way down, and smaller needles (2s instead of 3s).

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