Sunday, June 04, 2006

Denver, KC, tango and more

Back from Denver, finally recovered (caught a cold on the plane, yuck, thank goodness for "Cold Snap" from OHC in Boulder), it was amazing, wonderful, awful, the usual mix of adventures. Friends from Monterey were there, fun to share the event with them, and tango friends from other places too, that we only see at these events, and best, my daughter was there, so much fun (and I took a bullet for her at the last, all-night milonga, but more on that some other time). Good dances, some good workshops with Brigitta and Alicia Pons, and an earth-shaking private with Alicia, wow. Privates can be such a challenge, it's like they rearrange all your molecules. It takes awhile to assimilate, sometimes months. And she is a genuine person, gives of herself 100%, and doesn't slap you when you don't get a concept! Imagine!

My daughter got home, worked a few days, and then took off for the Stone Soup tangofest in KC, she sent a picture from tango trance on Saturday night.....

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