Sunday, June 04, 2006


so, I swore, more than once, never, never was I going to make socks. Well, technically, I still haven't made any socks yet, but somehow, I've started a pair. Well, one. I kept hearing a voice saying, "you should make socks." I am the original sock ho', that is for sure. I love socks, can't have enough, have never found the perfect sock, but keep trying (kind of like men?) And I keep reading people's blogs, or hearing podcasts where everyone raves about knitting socks, you know, portable, can do it the dark, in your sleep, soft, easy, fun, blah blah blah. Funny I never notice anything about the socks that drove someone over the edge...anyway, my LYS, Monarch Knitting, promises to hold my hand, so I'm taking the plunge. I also plan to cast on for the Streakers Shrug this weekend. Have to wind the skeins I bought in March at Stitches West from La Lana Wools, it is gorgeous, I've been fondling it for weeks and looking at the Interweave Issue with the pattern. I think I've finally had my fill of cupcakes, though I have a few left to finish.

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