Wednesday, June 07, 2006


So my OneSkein secret pal recipient received her first package, and oh joy, she loved it, which makes me happy, and she posted some teasers on her blog of what she is knitting with that first skein I sent her, which, when I explored, created some major yarn lust in me. She is knitting the Kureopatora Snake Scarf from this very cool site, String-or-Nothing, and also a link to someone making one in beautiful Southwest Trading Company's Karaoke yarn, with a pic of a beginning WIP in it, and now I, who am committed to not one, but two socks (and have lots of other projects, both imaginary and promised, including a qiviuk scarf for my stash-suffering freaky consort, have yarn lust for this gorgeous colorway, Mermaid. Sigh.

I promise to turn the heel tonight on the first sock, even with the tail end of a three day migraine chewing at the inside of my skull.

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