Thursday, July 13, 2006

finished dinner of love

I have never cooked, or eaten potatoes more perfect. Olive oil, a tiny dash of avocado oil, coarse ground pepper and sea salt, fresh snipped rosemary from the garden, three kinds of artisan new potatoes from the farmer's market, and elephant garlic; all pan roasted slowly for about 45 minutes. Potatoes meltingly crunchy, tender, with surprises of crisp and creamy, gooey-sugary garlic. Tongasm. Sesame seared ahi tuna (fresh caught today), with a tiny bit of wasabi powder added to the press of sesame seeds, and fresh asparagus and beet greens, steamed, spritz of lemon from the tree in the back yard. And yes, I saved a few nibblets of inner tuna for the furkids.

Cooking and washing done, and now to go work some more on the second mountain goak sock.

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