Saturday, July 01, 2006

purloined flowers

good grief, is it already July? Must be busy these days, yes, we are. Huge window cleaning season, Bach festival and holidays and summer renters for the vacation beach houses in Carmel and elsewhere around the peninsula. Work work work. All to buy cat food and toys, you know.

Here's some beautiful water lily blossoms, stolen by Sean for me. Ah, stolen flowers, nothing sweeter.
Nymphaeaceae, a family of freshwater perennial herbs found in most parts of the world and often characterized by large shield-shaped leaves and showy, fragrant blossoms of various colors. Both day- and night-blooming species open at fairly definite hours. Included in the genus is the blue or white Egyptian lotus, sacred from remote times and the national emblem of Egypt. The lotus flower is traditional in Egyptian art and architecture, as in the lotus capital seen on temples. The Indian lotus is sacred to Hinduism and to other Asian religions, having numerous symbolic meanings. The growth of lotus blossoms in shallow ponds is viewed as a metaphor for the way that the true nature of all beings can rise pristinely out of the murky ignorance and suffering of the world.

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