Sunday, August 27, 2006

Meet in the Middle

I'm finally settling in, and wanted to post a review of this year's Meet in the Middle tango festival in Mt. Vernon, Missouri. It was my first time attending, and while I'm not an official "tango bum" that gets to attend all the festivals regularly, I've been fortunate to attend some here and there. I strongly encourage anyone to make the effort to attend this event next year. Karen and her community really put on a great event; it's the perfect size, with great energy and lots of good dancers, but small enough to feel cozy and intimate. The venue is gorgeous, the floors divine, the teachers are excellent, the food is wonderful, and all the attention to detail makes the whole event just shine. Here is a link to some of the pictures and comments on Neil's blog. amd here are my pictures on Flickr.


Deborah said...

Your assignment, rent Assassination Tango. good movie.

Neil said...

Enjoyed our Milonga.

Same time next year.

Thanks for the link to

My Photos on

The problem with Assassination Tango was that there was too much Assassination and not enough Tango.

catmum said...

I agree. And not even enough assassination! I found the commentary/extras the better part of the movie, and the dance at the end under the credits was okay.