Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tricky brain

It's funny, over the last month with all my travels and time changes and bed changes, I've had several of those moments where I wake up and aren't sure where I am, or even what my life situation is...kind of almost like I'm not even sure who I am. I remember a few times in my old house in Southern Missouri, and other places in childhood (where I also moved drastically, every two years or so, around the world, I would wake up from a dream, and felt that the dream was the reality and the change to being awake was so subtle I wasn't sure if I were awake or asleep. Now lately I'm feeling these same sensations, but several times in the last few weeks. For almost a minute, I am looking around (and this is even now that I'm back here at home) and don't really recognize the place or time, or my self-ness. It's a little odd. It's not scary or even disconcerting, just a funny shift in connectedness, like maybe my astral umbilicus is really stretched out thin. It's almost enjoyable, and it does pass, and then there is kind of a "click" like all the pieces of a puzzle had been slightly out of alignment, and they turn a little, this way and that, and then it all connects into a cogent three-dimensional and recognizable image. I just hope it's not the beginning of Alzheimer's or some weird brain meltdown! And speaking of dream images, here's a picture of a boat in the St. Louis Botanical Gardens, full of Chihuly glass, at twilight.

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