Sunday, September 03, 2006

Jaywalker Tiger progress

I'm about halfway down the leg of the second jaywalker. I frequently have helpers when I knit (I mean aside from freaky consort asking important questions like "where is the remote? It was just here" Answer: Then either you or Brutus are probably sitting on it). I'm often also thinking ahead to projects I want to get in to...more socks, fingerless gloves, cabled vest, more socks, cuddly bed jacket, felted clogs, more socks. You know how it is. Like eating. Even while we are eating something, we often think of future eating we are going to do. Humans! We could learn a lot from cats. There is food in my bowl now. I eat it. Hey, food slave! Tuna! Now! There is knitting on this lap. I sit on it. mmmm, must sleep now.

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