Sunday, October 15, 2006

Catch up

If only all my mental blogging could actually take place. Hmm, maybe not such a good idea. I have good intentions to be one of those bloggers that have thoughtful, humorous and inspiring content, gorgeous pictures and useful links on an almost daily basis. But what you get is just this. So, here's catch up for the last couple weeks.
First, last weekend, there was a wonderful Foggy Moon Contradance, great live band, wonderful huge crowd of enthusiastic whirling and stomping. I arrived just as the perigee full moon was rising over Lake El Estero in all of its topaz glory.

Lots of window cleaning and knitting this week, and getting ready for houseguests. Here are some of what's on my needles: Two socks at once on two circular needles, more Jaywalkers in Lorna's Laces, it is called Purple Iris. Saxony Braid socks from Lisa Lloyd designs, she has been wonderfully helpful and patient with the pattern, and the yarn is J. Knits, I love this simple colorway and the feel of the yarn is delightful. A simple bias scarf, just making it up as I go, in two beautiful yarns from Artfibers in San Francisco. The yarns are silk blends with lambswool (Sumo) and superkid (flying baby goats with capes?) mohair called Satori. Luscious colorways, the knitted fabric feels almost edible.

Finished Object with Cat: The Sow's Ear Market Bag from Cherry Tree Hill, done in their merino/nylon tape yarn, incredibly stretchy. It looks only big enough to stuff in a cat (though I would never dream of such a thing), but actually it will stretch big enough for me to get into!

And finally (cue Fiona Apple's song Criminal), I've been a bad, bad grrl. Not only am I a yarn ho', I'm a tango shoe ho'. I've been lusting after Comme Il Faut shoes for quite a while. I've resisted (mostly resisted, I was gifted with one pair and bought one pair a couple years ago) because they make me too tall, I'm too old, blah blah, whatever. I received an Email that the price was going up today, so I succumbed and pored over the site for a week, and ordered two pair. They arrived yesterday. I was hoping, sort of, that they wouldn't fit. (Of course, shoes we lust after, like men, always fit. For awhile) They fit. I wore the black-and-white striped ones last night to our Saturday milonga. They were inspiring. Get yourself to Maleva Shoes and get your own. You'll see.

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