Thursday, November 30, 2006

Home made bread

I used to make lots of bread from scratch, including grinding my own flour with a rickety grinder that was about 5 feet tall that I bought at auction soon after moving to the Ozarks. It looks like a miniature old Texas windmill, minus the blades, and made a horrendous racket. It was kept on the enclosed back porch, and eventually served as the roost for an orphan teenage chicken that survived the raccoon massacre of 1980. The chicken was an Araucana with feathery legs and the endearing habit of sitting on my head while I did dishes. Eventually the chicken discovered its hormones and decided to be a rooster and learned to crow. Whereupon he got moved into the hen house to keep the ladies company. But I digress. I made lots and lots of bread, and rolls and cinnamon rolls and pizza dough in those years. I haven't made homemade bread for years, so when I saw this article, I kind of got inspired. I guess with about a million other people. I actually went and bought a cast iron dutch oven, and gave it a whirl. It's all true. Easy, fun, exciting (the smoke alarm gets a workout at our house whenever the oven gets heated to more than 425) and produces delicious, tender bread. I used mostly whole wheat flour, slightly less water, slightly more salt, and added freshed chopped rosemary from the yard.

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