Sunday, December 10, 2006

Knitting and nostalgia

Perfect rainy day... taught a private tango lesson this morning, went to lovely brunch with friends, and walked along the ocean enjoying the big storm surf. Home in front of the fire with cats supervising, knitting along on the endless two socks on two circular needles. A couple more inches and I can start decreasing for the toes. I'm not loving this's Regia Crazy Color, but sadly now all I can think is what one of my LYS staff calls it: clown throw-up.
The pear tree has finally surrendered all its pears for the year, and now is gifting us with beautiful colors and patterns in the leaves. Everything glows with the rain these days. I love this time of year, there is something painfully sweet about the dying of the year, the Portuguese word saudade captures it all for me.

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Jerry said...

Ahhhh to be there with you Claire byt he fire, sipping some herbal tea and tasting your fresh bread (will send a recipe we have) and talking of things meaningful, sharing joys memories and joys of future quests, learning and growing moments as we cling to the Pale Blue Dot. You must be one of the blessed ones Claire to live in that marvelous town by the sea, and share in the beauty of it all and the wildness of the Big Sur. Have been fascinated by Big Sur since the Kingston Trio romanticized it for me and then had a chance to visit on the way to the PI in 1960.
The afternoon light on the water and the lonesome pine on the rock outcroping still flows through my best memory window. Lovely will have to give me hints on how to do it too.

Happy Winter Solstice; glad you liked the picture. Tango on and on and ON.

Peace and Love,