Thursday, May 03, 2007

Inspired project

I had almost forgotten (see, it's official; as a migraineur with aura, I have brain damage) about this project. My daughter sent me a dainty little bag of broken pieces of Sakura Tango china and suggested I make something with them. I started reading up on the technique of pique-assiette, and realized right away this fed into my obsessive nature very nicely, thank you. And I just happened to have a wrought iron bistro table frame that needed a top. Of course, the dainty little bag of pieces would have made something about 6" in diamter. I needed almost three feet. You do the math.
I found a very helpful Ebay vendor, and she supplied my habit. It took me almost 6 months. I think Gaudi had helpers. I ended up needing Rolfing for my back and shoulders, but the table is gorgeous. And the Ebay seller still uses a photo of the finished object as sales inspiration. My daughter has called dibs on the table.

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Fotomeister said...

That's a beautiful table. Are you bringing it in June?, or does she have to wait for you kick off (I mean that only in the nicest, funniest way ;) to get it?