Monday, May 21, 2007

Still dizzy, but with goals

So I read a good blog post recently here and decided it would be helpful to me to have some clear knitting goals for the summer. Plus there's a cool contest for added incentive. So here we go:
1) finish the three projects I have OTN currently (see post below for what they are) before I leave for Missouri in two weeks 2) Measure Freaky Consort and start the vest for him; he picked some Malabrigo I had in stash, colorway Obsidian, so that's cool 3) Take the plunge and do Central Park Hoodie for myself. I already checked stash and I don't have enough yarn on hand, so I've ordered this.
I'll have more installments of Rockin' Sock Club kits arriving, and I have plenty of socks in the queue I want to do, but for sure I want to do a couple more pair of Monkey socks.
I think I'll go work on the lace scarf before the afternoon light fades.

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AlisonH said...

I had Meniere's Syndrome in high school, and 30 years later, it still threatens to reappear if I eat too much salt for too many days running. That said, it did go away for most of the entire 30 years since; best of luck, and I hope whatever's going on there lets up quickly.

--Alison at (Blogger's only letting me sign this with my old Blogger account.)