Tuesday, May 22, 2007

another installment of The View Today

We had cat excitement early this morning. Let me back up and preface this story a little. We have a weird house, with most of the living area upstairs, and no access from inside the house to the back yard, and really no good place for a cat door. We used to leave the sliding glass doors open in the master bedroom for the cats to go in and out. Until we found evidence that the neighborhood raccoons had paid a midnight visit and used the bathroom sink for brushing their teeth, and the toilet for washing their hands. (this was before we added the two grrl cats to the menagerie). Sean cut a hole in the wall and installed a proper cat door, and we keep the screen shut on the sliders now. So around 4 in the morning, we are awakened by Zoe Godzilla snarling and launching herself at the screen. I flip on lights and get out of bed; she is continuing to snarl and hiss and throw a fit at whatever is on the other side of the screen. I peek out, and looking back at me is Mr. 35# Bandit-face: "Hi there, got any cookies?" I add my hissing and expletives to Zoe's, and he retreats. Lights off, back to bed. Zoe keeps up the guard cat routine for another 15 minutes or so, and I lay there, eyes wide and ears twitching for another half hour at least. Good grrl, Zoe, you saved us.

Finally I fell back asleep and had crazy dreams for about 15 minutes,then woke up with a major migraine, took meds, went to window job, at least there was a lovely view:
including a passing whale, pelicans diving, lovely cool breeze, people bicycling and running on the trail. Finally done and home, I feel a litte better. I think I'm up to doing some more knitting on the Ostrich Plume Scarf, and I'm at the toe decreases on the Silkie sock and maybe get it done this evening.

I leave you with this, a slightly "other" view:
and is it only me, or is this concept just....wrong?


Bubblesknits said...

Even though I agree with you, my husband would love it. lol

Diane said...

It's not you .... that's just so wrong on so many levels.

littlelixie said...

So wrong! Have tagged you if you feel like it.

Rachel said...

That is so wrong! Umm.... do people wash their hands before or after using the, er, phone?

Knitman said...

The view is gorgeous.
The phone in the loo? well, I am never in their long enough to need one....not sure it's a necessity! ;-)