Sunday, July 22, 2007

Clawing my way out of my skull

I've been struggling with several days of migraines lately. I actually had a run of almost two weeks with none, and felt giddy with joy. Then, crash, back into the cauldron. But enough about that. There's been knitting: Jaywalker Socks, in Colinette Jitterbug, Fruit Coulis colorway.


Baby hats, for expectant friends. And matching baby elvish socks for the other ends of the babies.

Who can resist hats shaped like various fruits and vegetables on little round baby heads (since I don't have baby heads at hand, air modeling will have to do.) I have resisted making this hat; I keep threatening to make one for my youngest son; he wouldn't wear it, I'm sure, although he reminisces about being "xxxx-spawn" when he was little (he wasn't, really). It would have been a nice touch then, now, not so much. Hard to carry off as a CPA in a suit and tie. Oh well, maybe someday someone will let me knit one for them.

We've also had some great bird encounters recently. A matched pair of red-shouldered hawks out in Carmel Valley early one morning, sunning themselves on the fences.


Diane said...

So sorry you aren't feeling well. I love your jaywalkers; probably one of the nicest jaywalkers I've seen in blogland. The baby hats and socks are really cute.

Charles said...

GREAT SOCKS! Lovely color!

Anyway… I just start my“Knitting Video Cast” you can check it out and see what you think about and Comment me!



Serinekat said...

Sweet looking Hawks! I'm from the Boise, Idaho area orginially and we have a huge birds of prey population there... I miss the eagles, hawks and falcons.