Friday, July 27, 2007

Views, and the harbingers of summer's end

Seeing Naked Ladies blooming, always makes me feel nostalgic, knowing they foretell the end of summer. Even though I love winter the best, there is a feeling that comes on as each year's light peaks, and we begin the slide to darkness.

It's been overcast and foggy here lately, at least part of the day, but I love it. I actually like being outside more, and I've been trying to walk every day, knowing that it helps with the migraines. Yesterday on the walking trail I saw a Stitch and Bitch of Harbor Seals:

Other things have been catching my eye: A zen-ish arrangement of stones and fallen leaves bordered in Baby Tears, and an exuberance of bouganvilla. I've also been playing with this website, uploading various photos to it, and visualizing hand-dyed yarn, knitted socks, or just painting the house.

I was at work and kept smelling a lovely, but faint, spicy-sweet fragrance in the air, but couldn't pin down the source. I finally saw an acacia tree covered in these: and buried my nose in a cluster within reach, and was rewarded with the full dose of perfume source. Unlike the other day, when I buried my nose into a full-blooming cabbage rose, and interrupted a bee hard at work. Happily, I was let off with only a warning.

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KSee said...

Oh, the views that are available to you are to die for!