Sunday, September 30, 2007

Breakfast with a view

What a morning! Perfect fall weather, cool and crisp and clear. The cats were up early, there is no putting off the furry alarm clocks, even on the weekends (see previous post
So I made breakfast and tea for myself and sat on the back deck, with humming birds buzzing at the feeder next to me, scrub jays scuffling with each other midair for peanut rights, and Brutus and Zoe begging for leftovers (they got fresh-picked catnip instead). Brigid was out in the garden, avoiding the damp spots and eyeing birds clean from their baths. In the distance through the trees is the Bay, and I can hear the resident pair of red-shouldered hawks calling. We've had a few flybys lately too of the local population of feral cherry-headed conures. If anyone is up in the SF Bay area, be sure to head for the Marin headlands, where the river of raptors is flowing south. Current sightings are in the 100s per hour. We went last year, it was thrilling and worth the trip.

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sevnetus said...

How much wood would a woodchuck chuck? This seems to be a good account of a natural interface, that is, humans and nature.