Friday, September 28, 2007

Help with my Central Park Hoodie

I'm working steadily on my CPH, got the body done in one piece, and then studied all the notes and hints on the CPH KAL, as well as at Ravelry on short-row shaping and three needle bindoff for the shoulders. I also went down to my wonderful LYS, Monarch Knitting,
(where they are always happy to hold my hand) when I got to that point. In return I got to show Koryn cabling without a cable needle, which is now working great for me, I don't even think about it. Hmm, wonder what to do with my stockpile of cable needles? I'm now working on the hood, about halfway through that, and I also cast on the two sleeves, on one circular, they are a good portable project, although I also have two man socks going in Austermann Step for portable projects. I have plenty of at-home help and supervision, as you can see here:

I'm also keeping up with practicing my Indian cooking, even though my inspiration has gone back to India for a few months. I'm going to make the cabbage rice dish for dinner tonight, more okra and bitter melon and probably Murg Mukhani this weekend, we ate every last bit last night, except for the remains, which Brutus ate every bit of, and then, as he washed his face, said "Is there more, please?"

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Marianne said...

Your CPH is looking fabulous.
Love the photos, there's just something about the profile of a moggie that I find so very endearing.