Sunday, December 23, 2007

I'm back

Did you miss me? I've traveled a few miles, played with grandcats, slept not enough, eaten more than I meant to, and thoroughly enjoyed the wild weather. It was a rather bittersweet trip, but there was tango,

cats and knitting. And driving, flying, trips to the veterinarian, Body Worlds, eating wonderful Indian food almost every day at Raj's Rasoi, ice storms, all-too-brief visits with family and friends.
The Winter tango festival in St. Louis is great, I definitely recommend it. Really nice venue this year, excellent teachers and performances, but the best part is the level of dancers from all over that make the trip. The organizers try to maintain a good gender balance, and keep the total number of participants very limited (less than 200), so it is an ideal experience for good dancing at the milongas, and class size is not overwhelming.

Later, driving to Springfield to visit my youngest son, I came over a rise and was greeted with this rather chilling sight:

It was the southern edge of the massive storm that his the Midwest. Luckily, it was mostly rain and a little snow where we were.
I was able to deliver a wonderful maple rocking chair that my parents had given to me for the birth of my youngest baby (who will be turning 30 this coming year).

We used to fit in the chair together better.

St. Louis had more snow than they've seen in five years, which of course meant everyone had to get in their cars and drive around in it. Including us.

We also had to lay in supplies of wild bird feed and suet, as much to entertain the cats and us as to feed the wildlife.

I also nearly finished a pair of socks: Cookie A.'s BFF socks, done in Dream in Color Smooshy sock yarn. Loved the pattern and the yarn together, absolutely perfect travel project. I'm wearing them today, and love them. Will definitely make these again.

Anyway, I'm back home, we are praying for rainy winter here, it's been too dry for several years, and we have projects that have languished for years wating for a rainy winter. We won't be going to the San Diego tango festival in January. Here's part of the reason (and if you are squeamish, please don't look):

Poor Brigid. A tiny little ding from Zoe on the top of her head (I'm sure she was asking for it, sweet little punk-cat that she is) turned into a nasty abscess. We have to do twice daily irrigations, wound care and antibiotics, keep her from scratching out the drainage tube and sutures, and explain to her why she can't go outside and roll in the dirt. This is what $800 looks like. Think of all the tango festivals and yarn this represents. Remember, cat (and dog owners too), abscesses are sneaky. You may not see anything, but a tiny scratch or puncture can really get out of hand, and quickly. Play it safe, go to the vet early.


Marianne said...

Wow.... you were close to my neck of the woods with the ice storm and snow! Beautiful photos you snapped!
Oooh, poor Brigid... amazing what $800 looks like on a cat... or one version of it anyway, yikes... but been there, done that, here's to some speedy healing!

Sounds like it was a fabulous holiday!

nanaknits said...

Glad you made it back safely from your travels during out bad midwest weather. Poor Brigid. Oh, the choices we must make to keep our little ones healty! Happy Holidays!