Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Another year, another day, another view

No camera makes for uninspired blogging. Long story, don't ask. I'm open to camera advice, though.
For now, you are stuck with poor photos from an old camera phone. The view today,

on the walking trail in Pacific Grove, near here, which is also the site of the pirate landing here 190 years ago. Today, it was divine; balmy air, calm waters, just the right scent of sea and pine trees. Seals lolling on the rocks, sunning their bellies. Cormorants and pelicans diving, birds everywhere, sea otters, even a whale in the distance. Kayakers, walkers, bikers, skaters, every possible description of quiet transportation. Overheard conversations in multitudes of languages. After walking my mile or so, I sat on a bench in the shade of a cypress tree

and knit on my BFF sock in Jojoland sock yarn. I'm not loving this yarn, very thin and splitty. The Dream in Color Smooshy spoiled me with the last pair of socks I did. I also did some stretches, I'm getting serious trying to do my own therapy for this , which has been plaguing my left shoulder for months, and seems to be getting worse. It's definitely causing limitations in the dancing, back sacadas for me on that side are out.
On the cat front, Brigid's head is better, the drain tube came out last week, she is done with antibiotics, I plan to take the sutures out tomorrow myself, rather than subjecting her to another stressful trip to the vet's office. She is back to her full-on punky self, demonstrating the mammalian Seinfeld rule of "no learning."

There has been plenty of knitting, I finished a couple more of these in baby alpaca, yum, so soft, and such a fun pattern, and put together a viral package to infect a fellow knitter with sock fever. She's been teasing me to knit her some socks. Better yet, I sent her a tiny pair of mismatched miniature socks, this book, some of this yarn, a pair of Addi Turbo needles, and lots of links to tutorials and web help.
I've also cast on for these for Sean in Noro Big Kureyon. As usual, I have more stuff in my queue than I have arms, legs, time and memory to manage. Supposedly we finally have major winter rain storms heading our way, which will give me time. So for now, all the best to all of you, wherever you are. Time, health, peace, and contentment in 2008.

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Marianne said...

Sorry but those photos weren't 'that' crappy! :^) I quite enjoyed them but then I miss that coast.
I'm glad to hear Brigid is back to her high spirited self!
Thank you for the link to the BFF socks...
Wishing you the best for this new year, peace and delight.