Saturday, January 05, 2008

i can has elektrikitteh

The storm been Mr. Toad's Wild Ride for sure. The cats are not happy. Brutus was trying to stand guard in his usual spot on the front door mat, but with the rain blowing sideways, he was soaking wet in minutes. The two grrls would take one look at him and decide they could hold it awhile longer. With the wind blowing so hard I doubt if any of them could have negotiated the cat ramp anyway, never mind walk along the fence which was rolling like the Tacoma Narrows Bridge. In addition to the howling wind and torrential rain, we could hear the sound of trees cracking and debris falling all around us. It got dark very early, and we scurried to set up candles and the campstove. There was a cozy fire in the fireplace, and knitting and reading by candlelight.

Looking across the peninsula from our deck, we could see...nothing. Total darkness. All night it was completely dark, and other than the rain, eerily quiet. No traffic, no planes, just surf pounding and rain.
This morning the roads are so thickly covered with debris and pine needles, it looks like unpaved roads. Unbelievable tangles of power lines and downed trees and branches. The surf has blown up over the oceanfront roads, into people's yards and homes in some areas.

We had a little break in the rain this morning, long enough to go hang out at one of our favorite coffee places and charge up our computers (along with eighty-eleven other people; the owners should have charged for electricity and given away coffee, they'd be rich tonight) and later I went and hung out with a few of the Monterey Bay Knitters Ravelry group.
The rain is p*ssing down again now, and it's already dark. Power is still out in many places, but we are back up. However, it's been announced that they are shutting off our water now. Something about so much rain in such a short time stirring up bad juju in the reservoirs. So I guess there will be knitting by whisky (no water) tonight.

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Marianne said...

So glad to hear you're all alright, thought many times yesterday, last night and today about you... that was a tremendous storm! (and heading across land towards our neck of the woods)...
whisky and knitting, eh? have fun with that :^)